Re:Performa 6200 vdig

Mike Baranowski (
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 01:37:16 -0600 (CST)

John Ingham <> wrote:
>Barry said that he could not seem to be able to use the built-in digitiser
>on his Performa 6216 for CU-SeeMe. No direct info Barry, but the 7500
>digitiser is listed as not working for CU-SeeMe by White Pine, so if it is
>the same board then that's your problem.

I don't remember seeing each Mac model specifically listed anywhere. I did
read that it is compatible with Mac's with built-in video. In this case,
any Mac with Apple's built-in video or Apple A/V card should work. It
sounds like some drivers/extesnions are missing. I did see some video
stuff on Apple's web server though.

To date, I have used a PowerMac 6100 with Apple AV card, a 7200 with
built-in AV, and a Performa with built-in without any problems.

I'll try to do some testing this weekend with various System 7.5.x revs and
try to find out EXACTLY which extensions are required.

Barry: Try 256 or thousands of colors via your CDEV/Monitors. And yes,
virtual memory MUST be off. Also try using an NTSC source.

-Mike Baranowski
aka Jeeves