Logicode configuration problems

Vangelis (vangelis@qnis.net)
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 23:24:46 -0800

Anyone got any suggestions?

P100, 32M RAM, Win95, ATI 3D Rage video card, Unregistered WhitePine
CUSeeMe in Greyscale mode, Logicode TVideo 51000 tuner/video capture
board. Does 30FPS live video via video overlay. Yeah I know - overlay
technology bad. Read on. It can also grab and digitize frames at about
4-6 FPS.

A shareware util called Vidwatch which only conforms to the Video for
Windows API is able to continuously grab images at about 3 FPS. So the
hardware and the video capture driver are all working fine.

So.. why do I get only a white screen in the Local Video window?
CUSeeMe claims it finds the video capture driver just fine, but instead
of grabbing actual frames from driver it throws the driver into 30FPS
overlay mode, which lets me see the camera's output just fine (so I also
know the camera's working), but it's not a mode for actual video
capture, just direct camera-to-video-card display.

Any ideas? I'm out of them.

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