Re: Copy from chat Output area?

Adrian Winnard (
Sun, 8 Dec 1996 23:35:12 +0000

>I need to be able to select and COPY text fromt the *output* area of the
>chat window. Doesn't work - you can hilight text in the output area but
>the COPY is assumed to apply to the input area regardless.

Anyone on a Mac should definitely take advantage of using the GeekTalk
plug-in for chat. The ability to have private chat whilst on a ref, and the
highlighting facilities available make this a real bonus. It also copies
from the output and input areas AND supports drag and drop - so you can
drag highlighted text into another document in another application...or
just onto the desktop where it will be saved as a text clipping.

Refs are full of Windows users wondering what's going on with the's usually Mac users using private GeekTalk! I'm sure a Windows
version will be out soon - it's just too handy for someone not to do it!