Re: noise on the screen

John Ingham (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 10:09:14 +1030

Paolo Molinari recently said...

>I have installed a QuickCam on my PPC 9500 - the cam seems to work fine,
>apart from noise pixels on the picture I get form the cam. Does someone
>know how about this problem and how to eliminate it?

When you received your QuickCam you would have also received several disks
with drivers and some simple applications which allow you to record both
movies and stills onto your disk. Does this fault occur when using these
programs or only with CU-SeeMe?

Try re-installing the QuickCam drivers from the original floppies.

If you have the same problem with several programs I would suspect a
hardware problem and suggest that you should see your QuickCam supplier.

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