Enhanced CuSeeMe

John (sinacore@kirk.microsys.net)
Sun, 8 Dec 1996 21:43:14 -8

Hi......I am a new user to CuSeeMe. I purchased the Enhanced version
and am having a problem getting it running properly.

I can log on to a reflector.....send and receive video, but then
after a short while, I receive a "timed out" message, and my server
shuts down. This can happen any time from 5 to 30 min. I have no
problem running other Internet software for unlimited time. It has
been suggested that I lower my reception rates, which I have to min
of 2 to max of 12....this made no difference. Any suggestions?

Next......when I am connected, if someone requests a private
conference....I answer their page, and I immediately get an illegal
function message from Win95, and the program shuts down.

Part of the problem is when CuSeeMe does shut down unexpectedly, I
have to reboot my system to "clear" CuSeeMe, or it will not connect
to another reflector. What have I done wrong???? My ISP is NOT
running through a Firewall which also was asked of me.

For the record, I have a 200 mz Pentium, 32 ram, 28.8 modem. I am
using a b/w Quickcam also. It is really getting frustrating since it
seems I have done everything on my end.
really getting frustrating. I would appreciate any advice anyone can
provide. Thanks.