Gethostname err with win3.11/ftp OnNet v2.1

Paul A Beltrani (
Sun, 8 Dec 1996 22:32:21 -1000

I would appreciate assistance getting CUSM to run on the following system:
pentium PC, windows 3.11 (with 32 bit extensions), ftp Incs. OnNet v2.1
tcp/ip package (windows pctcp), Cornell CU-SeeMe W0.84B7, ppp modem
connection to ISP.

After establishing a ppp connection, launching CUSM results in the
following error/info boxes.

1) Gethostname() failed (10014)
select ok

2) Would you like to open the CU-SeeMe Help file?
select no

3) Problems with the Receive Network Initialization. CU-SeeMe will exit
cusm does NOT exit

4) Unable to create the (invisible) Network window
CUSM then opens the main window and audio control window. Under the
conference menu selection the connect option is inoperative.

For what its worth:
1) Yes, I followed the FAQ instructions regarding pctcp. It still

2) Every other winsock based client I have used works fine. This includes
hostname resolution.

3) The ISPs DNS has the info for their dial up lines. e.g. If I am
connected to the dial in line named, attempting
to ftp to will query their DNS and then open a
connection to the ftp server running on my pc. Reverse lookups, address
to name, also work correctly for the dial in lines.

Any help, especially from someone who has CUSM running on a similar
system, would be appreciated.

- Paul Beltrani