More on Copy from chat Output area

Richard McDonald (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 15:57:35 -0500

A few people replied to my question on copying from output area of Chat by
saying it seems to work for them. I've learned a bit more:

The problem exists in both the Cornell and White Pine versions. It seems
to happen after the output window gets fairly full - like quite a few
minutes into a chatty session. So maybe it's related to the buffer size.
Also (and the reason I'm trying to do this) I'm experiencing it in Chat
sessions in which the ouptut is in Japanese, so maybe 2-byte character
codes are necessary to make the problem pop up.

Current description of problem:

- Go into a chatty chat window using a mix of 1-byte and 2-byte (Japanese)
- Early in the conversation, Select/Copy from the output area works fine.
- After a few minutes, it becomes difficult to get Copy to work - hit and
- After 10-15 minutes, it no longer works at all.

Odd, eh?