Can't send video

Dave Abramowitz (
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 21:20:18 -0400

Hi, all. Here's my system:

PowerMac 8500/120
System 7.5.5

I'm using the Cornell Cu-Seeme and my Sony Handycam for sending video.
This is one of those "it used to work, but now it doesn't" cases. I can
no longer send video when using the program. Moreover, I cannot change
this option in the preferences, as if the program doesn't know I have a
camera attached.

Just to be sure the hookup was right, I brought up Apple's Video Player,
and there was no problem - video showed up fine. For a while I was
trying the demo from White Pine, then when that expired I started using
Cornell's version. Since then I can't send video. Maybe while erasing
the White Pine files, I got rid of something important? I can't think of
what, since the Cornell version doesn't use any extensions or other such

I'd appreciate any and all help.