FastChat for Win95/NT...check it out

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 21:10:23 -0600

Roy Morris of Toronto Canada has written this nice little program that you
may want to check out. FastChat allows you to keep commonly typed responses
in a table, and when you DOUBLE CLICK on an entry, it TYPES it into the chat
window for you. I just downloaded it yesterday, and talked to Roy last
night about some enhancements. He had just finished version 2.0 and allowed
me to download the update straight from his PC.

OK, so this is NOT private messaging, but if you find yourself always typing
the same things, you will find it very helpful. Every ref I go to, someone
asks me SOMETHING about CU-SeeMe, and I'm always having to type my web page
address, or my email address, or something like that. I've just started
with it, but here is what I have in mine so far:

check for lots of helpful CU-SeeMe information

Fast Chat allows you to store commonly typed phrases and send them to
CU-SeeMe. It tells Windows to focus on the chat window, then it sends the
keystrokes to the chat window as if you typed them.

FastChat Web Site is At -

GEEK TALK only works with the Cornell MAC version of CU-SeeMe and can be
found at

PowWow can be found at

My email and PowWow address is

Trust me, Trust me!

As you can see, it seems to be able to handle a fairy long message...I don't
know yet what the limit is. If you have Windows 95 or Windows NT, and use
the White Pine Enhanced CU-seeMe, go to Roy's web page (the new version 2.0
is now there) and check this thing out. I think you will be glad you did.

HEY! How many of you folks have checked into PowWow yet? Several people
have contacted me with PowWow and I was able to help them interactivly. If
you haven't, read the section on PowWow on my web page, and check it out.
Email me directly if you've gotten it. I'd like to add some of you folks to
my PowWow address list.

Bill Woodland (Squeek)