Re: Can't send video

John Ingham (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 16:05:57 +1030

Dave recently said...

>Hi, all. Here's my system:
>PowerMac 8500/120
>System 7.5.5
>48 MB RAM
>I'm using the Cornell Cu-Seeme and my Sony Handycam for sending video.
>This is one of those "it used to work, but now it doesn't" cases. I can
>no longer send video when using the program. <snip> For a while I was
>trying the demo from White Pine, then when that expired I started using
>Cornell's version. Since then I can't send video.

Dave I'd suggest you down-load the Cornell CU-SeeMe again and re-install
it. For such down-loaded applications, I usually keep the .sit file (or
what-ever) for a while on my disk in case I have to re-install it due to
corruption etc.

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