Re: CU-SeeMe slows on connection

John Ingham (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 15:17:02 +1030

Brad Klein recently said...

>My frame rate soars when I boot CU and even when I connect to myself
>and a reflector (by myself). But as soon as a second user connects to the
>relfector, or if I do a point to point connection, my frame rate drops to
>.1-.9. ???????

I have noticed the same effect but it is quite normal. Some time ago I
had a fault due to a problem with PPP interacting with Open Transport; my
computer would freeze when-ever I attempted to send sound. But when I
connected to "Self" there was no sign of any such problem, presumably
because CU-SeeMe looped back on itself prior to handing over data to Open
Transport and PPP etc.

This shows that until you actually connect with another user (either direct
or via a reflector) you don't actually send any data at all and your
CU-SeeMe is not confined to the speed of your communications path so it can
go as fast as it likes.

I find that before making a connection my own video window has very good
motion but it slows down to match the other user's receive speed as soon as
contact is made.

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