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Thu, 12 Dec 1996 01:32:52 -0600

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>A friend of mine on aol is asking if cu-seeme video conferencing is
>possible for aol memebers. I don't think it is. Does anybody have any
>other information?

This info came straight out of the readme.wri file that I just got with the
newest White Pine Enhanced CU-seeMe version 2.1.1:

>Note for users of America Online:
>Enhanced CU-SeeMe may not work with all America Online accounts, since
America Online uses different connection methods depending on your location.
To try using Enhanced CU-SeeMe with America Online, you must have the AOL
Winsock.dll installed in your Windows directory. AOL Winsock.dll is a
Windows add-on program which will allow you to run Internet applications,
such as Enhanced CU-SeeMe. Also, note that currently you must install and
use the
>16-bit version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe if you plan to use it with America
Online. Future releases of America Online should support the 32-bit version
of Enhanced CU-SeeMe.
>If you are using AOL Version 3.0, the Winsock.dll file is already installed
in your AOL directory. You will need to copy it to your Windows directory as
>1. Find the existing Winsock.dll file in your Windows directory.
>2. Rename that file to Winsock.bak.
>3. Copy the Winsock.dll file from your AOL directory to your Windows directory.
>4. Start AOL and get connected.
>5. Start Enhanced CU-SeeMe (16-bit version).
>If you are using a version of AOL earlier than Version 3.0, you will need
to download Winsock.dll. When you are connected to America Online, enter the
Member Services area, and search for WINSOCK to find information explaining
what Winsock is and how to download it.

I don't PERSONALLY agree with these notes, however, when they say to copy
the winsock.dll file into the windows directory. The winsock.dll file that
is already there is the one that should be used for Windows 95's built in
Dial Up Networking (DUN) and if you use DUN to dial into a real ISP, but use
the AOL software to dial into AOL, copying this file to the windows
directory could really mess things up. Ther must be some hapy medium, but
I'm not sure what it would be, since I don't use AOL.

Bill Woodland (Squeek)