accessing talk window text stream from unix standalone program?

Jon (jon@kzsu.Stanford.EDU)
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 02:52:42 -0800 (PST)

i apologize if this is a topic covered in a faq somewhere, but
i have spent quite some time searching archives of this list and
the web for inforation on this subject, to no avail.

is there available a unix program that essentially acts like
a fake cu-seeme client, and connects to a reflector and then
transmits the *talk window* data back and forth?

obviously(?) what i am looking to do is to have some way to
connect to a reflector from some text-only situations (telneting
to unix accounts while on public terminals, etc), show up on
the reflector as a lurker, and communicate with others on that
reflector only via the talk window channel of data.

i found some info on a couple of mbone text-based programs
(multitalk and mumble) but either the pages were gone or they
didnt communicate using cu-seeme's protocol.

if no such program exists, i am wondering if anyone could point
me to any technical docs on the format/etc of cu-seeme packets
in case i get bored/motivated enough to just write the client
myself that can listen and speak on this talk window channel.

thanks much,
p.s. if you reply to this via the list, could you please cc
my email adddress as well, as i may get off this list due to
being unable to access my email for a while. thanks!
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