Re: WP, look out!

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 23:16:30 -0600

Frank wrote:
> Just did my first Video Conf. using Microsofts NetMeeting 2.02. The
> Video (B/W on my end and Color on the other party) was much, much smooth
> er than Cornell's or WP and with Full Duplex audio the conversation
> wasn't bad either, best of all "the program is FREE".
> Check it out.

And it sucks if you don't have a primo system. It locked up my 486 66
with a QuickCam. In fact, they admit it won't work.
Read on. This is copied from the readme that come with the software:
In order to use Microsoft NetMeeting, you must have the
following configuration:

- Microsoft Windows 95
486/66 with 8MB of RAM
(Pentium with 12MB of RAM recommended)


Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
486/66 with 16MB of RAM

NetMeeting does not run on Windows 3.1(R). This version of
NetMeeting runs only on English (United States) versions of
Microsoft Windows.

- Microsoft NetMeeting works best with a fast Internet connection
(28.8-baud or faster modem, or local area network)

- To use the audio features of NetMeeting, you need a sound card,
speakers, and a microphone.

- To use the video features of NetMeeting, you need a sound card and
a video capture card and camera, or a video camera that connects
through your computer's parallel (printer) port. Video does not work
on some computers with a processor slower than a Pentium.

>> The plot thickens

Computers with a bi-directional (ECP or EPP) parallel port will
noticeably better with parallel video cameras than computers with
a uni-directional parallel port.

>> In other words, no QuickCam.

Cameras that connect to a video capture card will utilize less of
your computer's processor than cameras that connect through your
computer's parallel port. It is recommended that you not use a
color parallel camera if your computer is not a Pentium 133 or

>> in other words, no QuickCam. And no 486's.

The application sharing feature may not perform well while you are
using audio and video and connected over a slow connection.
Additionally, you may experience choppy audio while using video.

>>Sound familiar?

The default setting for video over a 28,800 modem connection is
set to low quality, to change this setting click options in the
tools menu, select the video tab, and change the Send Quality option.

It is strongly recommended that you uninstall earlier beta versions of
Microsoft NetMeeting before installing NetMeeting 2.0 beta 2.
NetMeeting Beta 2 audio features will not work with NetMeeting Beta 1
audio features if either computer has a 486 processor.

>> In other words, you have to have a pentium of at least 133 mhz and a video card and so does the other guy or no sound. So much for connecting the world with Microsoft. This is too rich for my blood. And where is the advantage? Down at the computer store, sitting on the shelf.

I will be uninstalling this hog!

Mark L. Bardenwerper ~~}:^&