Re: WP, look out!

G Pyle (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 09:31:09 -0800

At 01:39 PM 12/13/96 -0600, Life is but a dream wrote:
>Where do you get it? (i.e. What is the URL?)
>On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, Frank wrote:
>> Just did my first Video Conf. using Microsofts NetMeeting 2.02. The
>> Video (B/W on my end and Color on the other party) was much, much smooth
>> er than Cornell's or WP and with Full Duplex audio the conversation
>> wasn't bad either, best of all "the program is FREE".
>> Check it out.

Just like with SuckYou-SeeMe, the big tricks and traps are on the providers
side. Microsoft "gives" the product to developers and lets you build it
into sites and commercial products for free. The trick is then the clients
MUST be using Microsoft client software, not Netscape, Borland, Notes,
Novell, or Apple. We become the traffic cops making users do stuff to get
the service. I for one, and not going to tell 200 business clients they
must use winNT or win95 and IE 3.0 or they can't play.

The folks at Cornell could no doubt make the reflector host reliable and a
match for the marvelous client product, but that would require work.....