Re: WP, look out!

Larry Berlin (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 14:36:15 -0800

At 09:31 AM 12/14/96 -0800, GPyle wrote:
>Just like with SuckYou-SeeMe, the big tricks and traps are on the providers
>side. Microsoft "gives" the product to developers and lets you build it
>into sites and commercial products for free. The trick is then the clients
>MUST be using Microsoft client software, not Netscape, Borland, Notes,
>Novell, or Apple. We become the traffic cops making users do stuff to get
>the service. I for one, and not going to tell 200 business clients they
>must use winNT or win95 and IE 3.0 or they can't play.
>The folks at Cornell could no doubt make the reflector host reliable and a
>match for the marvelous client product, but that would require work.....

************** So what computer system are you using, an abacus? I don't
appreciate market monopolies any more than you do but until the little guys,
like Cornell, Netscape, Borland, Novell, Apple and people like you and I,
actually work together with standards that easily exceed what MS churns out,
the bulk of users will have to deal with MS's tricks in one way or another.
It really shouldn't be hard to beat the standards MS sets as it can't seem
to get it's own standards met and they definitely don't have the *best* of

You seem less than complementary to CuSEEme in your note and that doesn't
help the *little guy* very much even though that seems to be your general
message. Maybe if people like you can be more supportive of efforts from the
smaller businesses there would be less of a problem dealing with the biggest
and most artificial of obstacles that are deliberately placed in the path to
technical enlightenment...

There is NO current internet video system that is ideal and they all
universally require the biggest, strongest, fastest computers you can
afford, just to get a minimal level of performance. Until a number of
conditions change that is going to be true. There are times I do appreciate
having options available including MS options. At the same time I frequently
wish some of the *others* providing options could get their act together and
make MS really sweat. All it would take would be a little cooperation among
the thousands of small competitors. MS has a significant weakness, it's
sheer massive size which limits it's maneuverability and ability to respond.
That's the reason for it's *thirst* for domination. But if you're a mouse,
don't try to out run the elephant in a direct race...

Larry Berlin