Re: WP, look out!

Nelson Deck (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 14:26:44 -0800

I recently puchased a Connectic Quickcam(black and white).I downloaded
Cuseeme to run the camera(version WO.8457).I wish to send live video to my
son in Malaysia but have not been succesful.He has a color Quickcam and uses
the same version of Cuseeme.I have been receiving him succesfully for some time.

When I am on line and attempt to send video I see a doule image of me on the
screen that looks magnefied.When I check my settings I find the camera is
zoomed in.No matter how hard I try I cannot get it to stay zoomed out.I
suspect this may be the source of my problem.Any help you can provide will
be greatly appreciated.

Nelson Deck.