Re: NetTV
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 19:19:20 +0000

> >I wonder if Cu-SeeMe could be used to broadcast with NetTV. Has anyone had any
> >experience with this new product? I am working with dental continuing education
> >and have been using PictureTel over phone lines. Could CU be viewed from a
> >Web Page on home TV sets? I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.
> Don't ask me exactly how this is done because I don't know, but a friend
> put a Java applet running CU onto his Web page and when the cam was on
> you got a live picture from his house. So I guess the answer to the
> question of whether CU can be viewed from a Web page is "yes".

Was your friend running CU-SeeMe and transferring the results from
the cam attached to his computer to the web page via a Java applet or
was he running one of the numerous commercial or shareware products
that allow transmission of a still or stop motion video sequence to a
web page?

Either way, the Java applet sounds intriguing. Would your friend
perhaps be willing to share his discovery with the list, either
directly or though you?


Kent Starr
aka Wizzard(c)

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