Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:55:07 -0500

This is a preliminary compatibility report on the ATI-TV card from ATI
Technologies. The ATI-TV ($129.00 SRP) is an add-on TV tuner/video input
card that works with ATI's AMC-enabled graphics cards including VIDEO

My system is a P5-200, 64Megs of RAM running Windows 95. I upgraded to White
Pine's Enhanced CU-SeeMe 2.1.1 AFTER loading the ATI Player. When the WP
install asked which Digitizer I wanted to use, I chose the ATI Digitizer
instead of the QuickCam. I don't have my camcorder yet, so I was sending
cable TV signal.

On first attempt, I was set for the new M-JPEG color codec. I showed up as a
lurker on a ref that doesn't allow lurkers. I switched to the grey codec,
and SOME users were able to see my vid, but it was upside-down and
negative-image. Inverting the video image turned my vid right-side up, but I
found out later that to invert the grey-scale you have to exit CU and get
back in. I also had to keep the capture method set to Indeo, or I got page
faults in Win 95.

I have noticed that few reflectors support the White Pine color codec, and
even fewer support the M-JPEG (J-MPEG?) color codec. Perhaps someone else
(Brian O'Shea?) could comment on the vagaries of compatibility between
reflector and client versions. I will report again when my Hitachi VM-H620A
camcorder comes in.

Steve Smith, CNE
Byte One, Inc.