MS Netmeeting and WP

Paul Eykamp (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 10:44:29 -0800

I am a Power Mac (6115) user and thus can not yet (until some time in 1997)
use the Netmeeting software. Which seems to run find on my 133 Pentium,
16MB as advertised. The camera, by the way, chews up fully half of the CPU
cycles according to the nifty Connection Advisor processor use chart.

Does Whitepine support the same standard as Netmeeting? Has anyone tried?
I read the press releases and the relevant pages at both microsoft and
whitepine, but the verb tenses regarding collaboration are indeterminate.
I cannot tell if there is current interoperatablity or if it only will
happen in release 3.0 of WP.

I don't suppose anyone know if one of the low bandwidth audio codecs has
been ported to Cornell's version (as an alternative to delta-mod16 which I
find to be barely acceptable at 26kbps.) Or if there is a reasonable


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