Re: Color QuickCam or Camcorder?
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 15:50:38 +0000

> Color QuickCam or Camcorder?
> I go to sites.....some of the pictures of people are more clear(crisp) than
> others. I am going to buy a camcorder if my ..picture will be more clear to
> the fellow lurkers.
> I am learning about ..lux....white point...autofocus and all kinds of
> things from the camcorder sales people.
> Circuit City has a cheapo RCA camcorder for 250 dollars and the color
> quickcam for 200 dollars.
> For people there a difference?
> Overkill?

Haven't tried the color Quickcam, but am happy with the B&W.

Other considerations, however:

(1) To use the videocam with your computer, you will need a digitizer
card, figure another $200 - $250 there

(2) You cannot use the colot Quickcam away from your computer, so,
for example, to shoot pictures of a baseball game you either (a) need
a video cam, or (b) drag your computer and color Quickcam to the
baseball park (hope you have a laptop for this :) )

(3) color Quickcam doesn't have a zoom lens; one focal length is all

(4) unless you have a VERY fast computer, frame rates on color
Quickcam are slow.

(5) unless you have a multi gigabyte hard drive, amount of time you
can shoot with the color Quickcam is very limited.

So the choice is to spend roughly $500 bucks for optimum versatility
(videocam + computer digitizer card) or $200 for quick easy and cheap
CU-SeeMe and limited other digital video functions.

Hope this helps.


Kent Starr
aka Wizzard(c)

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