Re: Color QuickCam or Camcorder

David J. Hannu (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 12:30:22 -0600

> Color QuickCam or Camcorder?
> I go to sites.....some of the pictures of people are more clear(crisp)
> than others. I am going to buy a camcorder if my ..picture will be more
> clear to the fellow lurkers.
> I am learning about ..lux....white point...autofocus and all kinds of
> things from the camcorder sales people.
> Circuit City has a cheapo RCA camcorder for 250 dollars and the color
> quickcam for 200 dollars.
> For people there a difference? Overkill?

Since your 6100 AV Mac has the built in video digitizer, getting a
camcorder would be the best option (just make sure that this cheapo
camcorder has video-out jacks...almost all do). Unfortunately, this
wouldn't work with your Powerbook. Lux shouldn't be a concern unless
you sit in the dark, and autofocus isn't really important either...I
usually leave the autofocus turned off on my camcorder when I use it for

The next step up to improve your video would be to get a camcorder with
S-video output. Generally these are Super-VHS or Hi-8 machines, and
tend to get a bit pricey.


D.J. Hannu