Re: Color QuickCam or Camcorder

Paul Eykamp (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 12:57:49 -0800

At 07:38 PM 12/17/96 +0000, Adrian Winnard wrote:
> (David J. Hannu) said:
>>The next step up to improve your video would be to get a camcorder with
>>S-video output. Generally these are Super-VHS or Hi-8 machines, and
>>tend to get a bit pricey.
>Well......yes for an improvement in general quality for other video
>purposes, but not really for CU-SeeMe!! I don't think anyone would claim
>that CU-SeeMe video quality is worthy of an upgrade to Hi band video.....or
>does someone know different!

I have a friend using CUSM with a Hi-8 camera on a 2 mbps wireless Eithernet.
Even on a reflector, her video was about 4 or 5 times sharper than when she
used her quickcam.
Not really worth the extra money unless you want the camera for other
purposes but worth hooking up if you have it.


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