Re: Color QuickCam or Camcorder?

John Ingham (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 10:46:30 +1030

Kent Starr aka Wizzard recently said in part...

>(1) To use the videocam with your computer, you will need a digitizer
>card, figure another $200 - $250 there

When I bought my 7200 Macintosh some 6 months ago I couldn't afford a 7500
with built in video digitiser card; I thought I'd be able to add one when
funds became available. I bought a PCI Mac having been carried away with
the sales pitch about "readily available boards" etc.

Now that I'm ready to buy a video capture card for the 7200, I find that
although inexpensive PCI cards ARE available, they all are for DOS boxes;
no-one seems to bother writing the necessary drivers for the Mac!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to an inexpensive PCI video capture
card for the Macintosh 7200 (with software drivers)? I only want to use it
for CU-SeeMe - I have no grandeous ideas of going into desk-top video
editing - I do that at work!!!

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

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