Re: Have I just re-invented the wheel?

John Ingham (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 10:50:02 +1030

Colin Dunjohn said...

>Use Internet phone...I live in Thailand and chat with people all over
>the world including Russia, Jamaica and Australia. Clear connections
>with full voice and video with frame rates up to 8 fps. Beats the hell
>out of Cuseeme which I use for amusement rather than chatting with
>family and friends...check it out By the way I like both
>programmes...this is not an AD.

Thanks Colin for the suggestion, but as far as I'm aware CU-SeeMe is the
only cross-platform speech software available, and I wish to communicate
with both Mac owners and Windoze owners. It sure would be great to see
IPhone and Vocaltec ported over to multiple platforms.

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