Re: Buying CU-SeeMe Software

Brian Dowtin (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 09:10:27 +0000

Hi Andrew,
For multiple chatting CU seems to be the only option (and if not,
its still a good one).
You can try the latest Cornell version (its free) - from - it functions just as well as the white
pine version does (although only b&W video), but functionally I've
found it to be about the same as far as sending and recieving video.

You can got to to find recenty released video
chat applications for Win.

As far as personal experience - I like Cu-SeeMe far better. It
actually *RUNS* on my 486/50 system.
I've tried 2 new ones (that suggest (require) you have a 586 to run
them - one that you have a 586/133
Iphone4 - I liked the interface and all, and it seems relatively
stable. and Intel's Video Phone beta - never got it to work, the
interface looks ok. Again the both require 586's and I've got a 486.
But they both are only point to point deals, where cu is made for
conferencing with folks as well as a point -to- point connection.

I like the Cornell version because its small! Something most people
don't think of these days of 3.5 gig hardrives and 200 MHZ machines,
but we poor, and old like small stuff.

Hope it helps