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DECEMBER 25, 1996

Few men have influenced the face of public cryptography in this decade
as much as Phil Zimmermann, creator of the PGP encryption software
program and Chairman of the Board and Chief Technical Officer of the
Pretty Good Privacy corporation.

Public cryptography, however, is more than just clever software. It has
become a battleground for individual privacy and the role of the
government in having access to private communications. For three
years, Zimmermann was the target of a criminal investigation by the US
Customs Service, who assumed that United States munitions export laws
were broken when PGP spread outside the US. The investigation was
finally closed in January 1996, without any charges being filed. Far
from being silenced, Zimmermann is now a respected voice for Netziens
and privacy advocates, frequently called upon by the media and Congress
for his views.

Please join ISP-TV and "Meeks Unfiltered" on December 25, 1996, at 8 PM
ET for a 30 minute interview between Brock N. Meeks, publisher of
CyberWire Dispatch, and Phil Zimmermann. We'd like to call it our
Christmas gift to the Net.

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