A frenchy PC ?

Dignac (patibul@worldnet.fr)
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 10:34:34 +0100

Can only connect French Recflector ( in Marseille I think .
A good one .
I get "no response" from all other reflectors . Maybe a problem with PPP
connection or no fixed IP address ?
I red FAQs , I tried all parameters (No Video Sent ,Tx, Sx .....) .
Provider said Cu runs on Worldnet . What more ?

Something else : I need explanations about "
3)Setup the program as a viewer through Netscape, or whatever browser
you are using. The MIME file type should be "text" and the SubMIME
type should be"cu-seeme". The extension should be ".csm" and it
should launch the Go CU-SeeMe Go! (GOCUSM.EXE) program.

Pour les intimes, la Correze c'est le France profonde, mais curieuse du
monde !