Have you seen Internet Phone 4.5 with Video?

Dennis J. Streveler (Dennis@streveler.xo.com)
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 18:44:57 -0800

Wednesday evening

Hello all,

I was once quite active in this mailing list, as it was certain that
CUSeeMe was the premier desktop videoconferencing product. However, I think
that torch has now passed, and, at least for one-on-one conferences, both
the sound as well as the video quality of INTERNET PHONE 4.5 WITH VIDEO
which is now in beta

(see http://www.vocaltec.com)

seems far superior. I have been using it with my Color Quickcam with quite
nice results. Iphone seems much more compatible with the QC than does CU.
The Whiteboard is easy to use (I never could figure out how to use ECU's)
and it includes such nice features as voicemail.

Perhaps ECU will maintain its leadership in the multi-point conference
market, and perhaps its multicast implementation will prevail, but for
one-on-one conferences, I think it is very hard to beat Vocaltec's product.
I have fiddled a little with Intel Internet Phone (which supposedly offers
the H.323 standard) and Microsoft's NetMeeting, but come back to Vocaltec
every time. I don't think you can beat it for usability and generally clean
design as well as good performance.

The bar has just been raised a notch. I wonder how competing products will
respond? Is White Pine up to the challenge?


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