Re: CUSeeMe isn't working with Color QuickCam 2.1a

Attila (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 20:19:33 +0100

At 4:04 AM -0800 26.12.1996, Mara Schaeffer wrote:

>Black and White(not Enhanced) CU See Me worked fine with my old Black and
>White QuickCam on my classroom Mac LC 580 (8mb ram). With a grant, I was
>able to upgrade to a new Color QuickCam, and installed the new software and
>2.1a patch to upgrade the software. Now I can't get a window to open in CU
>See Me to broadcast video. I've adjusted various B&W settings for the
>camera, and still no window. Tech support for the QuickCam hasn't been that
>helpful. Does anyone have an idea of what I could try to get the color
>QuickCam to work? Thank you in advance.

Re: Mara

The Greyscale-Codec is not working with the color-quickcam, which is uses a
different technique to generate greyscale. That's why people who prefer b/w
freeware version of cu should go with the simpler and working b/w quickcam.

You can find info about this in a faq at Whitepine Software.

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