Setup problems

Nelson Deck (
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 14:18:19 -0800

I have downloaded enhanced Cuseeme twice but have not been able to complete
setup.The trouble starts when I am asked how I am connected to the
internet.I click on TCP/IP and shortly after I get a message as follows,"The
installed program did not detect"Winsock"compliant TCP/IP software on your
system.Please verify that your TCP/IP software is"Winsock"compliant and that
it is installed correctly before running enhanced Cuseeme".I then get an
error message inviting me to "ignore" or "close".When I try to run Cuseeme
it will not run properly.
I have a Pentium 120mhz,24meg of ram and am using windows 3.1
I welcome any suggestions on how to resolve this problem.
The first time I tried to run set up I was off line.The second time I ran it
on line hoping that setup could find Winsock easier.