Relationship between fps and Kbps

Adrian Winnard (
Tue, 31 Dec 1996 00:05:54 +0000

Does anyone know why there can be high Kbps being sent between two people
on DC connection yet the fps is prctically nothing? What is the
relationship? I know that the fps is the frame grabbing rate and not the
send rate but what the heck are you sending at 30Kbps if you are only
grabbing 0.1fps? On the other hand I can be grabbing lots of frames and
sending low Kbps, or low on both figures.

Also I can sometimes be indicating a receive of .1 or .2fps but am getting
a complete frame of movement despite the low figures.

This is on a connection with someone who is accessing via a T1 connection
but both machines are set to the same send and receive of 28Kbps because of
my modem limit.

The software just doesn't seem to be able to share the bandwidth evenly at
all. Sometimes my vid gets through well apparently but then hardly moves
for a long while. The vid I receive seems more consistent but still varies
a lot.