Problem Solved

Bruce Nagata (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 19:43:28 -0800 (PST)

Subject: Solution Found

I was the one who was looking for a way to make the Color
QuickCam for Windows work with B&W CU-SeeMe. The problem was that
it kept reverting to zoomed in and would only show a small part of
the picture with the pixels magnified.
Thanks to all who attempted to help with this problem.
Replies ranged from the curt "Its a Connectix Camera, I'd check
their Web site" to the more helpful. Well The latest Connectix
driver was already loaded, so the web site was of no help, but
Mr. Graham Deck from Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia saved the day. He had actually had first hand experience
with this problem, and told me that his workaround involved opening
QuickPict along with CU-SeeMe. so QuickPict could adjust the controls,
(like zoom in and out). It worked like a charm. Now why didn't I
think of that?