Re: Streak's World (was - FW: Security)

Gary Dietz (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 15:06:13 -0500

>imagine. I also can't get ANY audio to work with the 3.1 version (or
>2.1.2 for that matter) after I installed DirectX 5 for iVisit. I've tried
>disabling all the dll's used for DirectX and still nothing. My email to
>White Pine about audio problems went unanswered. (sent to the beta list).

Data point - went on a LIVE radio show with CU 3.1 P18. Using G.723 on a
point to point call, had an INTERACTIVE conversation from the studio, on a
latop at 28.8 analog line with the White Pine office. Live. On the air.

>Keep in mind Eric, not everyone has ISDN like you :)
>multiple color vids still doesn't work very well on even if you
>do have color, why limit who can see you to only those with the latest and
>greatest (and buggy) White Pine version?

Data point: My mother, on AOL, can see three MJPEG windows at a time on a
33.6 modem.


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