Re: Streak's World (was - FW: Security)

Jason Williams (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 15:32:31 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Gary Dietz wrote:
> Data point - went on a LIVE radio show with CU 3.1 P18. Using G.723 on a
> point to point call, had an INTERACTIVE conversation from the studio, on a
> latop at 28.8 analog line with the White Pine office. Live. On the air.

I'm not saying White Pine's audio isn't great. But it's hard to say much
about the audio when I can't get ANY audio to work with Enhanced CU-SeeMe.
And I haven't had much support in the way of getting it to work. It's
kind of like transportation and cars. When you have a car and it's
working, everything is great and you can brag about it. When the engine
is blown, it's just a chunk of metal sitting in the driveway.

I was only guessing that it was DirectX since that's the only thing I've
installed within the last few months that would have affected my audio.
Seeing as others have had the exact same problem after installing DirectX,
I came to the conclusion that it was probably the installation of DirectX
that caused my audio woes. I'd be more than happy to brag about Enhanced
CU's G.723 audio codecs if I could get it (or ANY audio for that matter)
to work. The one time I DID hear G.723 audio from someone, I was really
impressed. It was clear as a bell. But shortly after that, audio stopped

> Data point: My mother, on AOL, can see three MJPEG windows at a time on a
> 33.6 modem.

I'm willing to bet she doesn't know the quality settings of each MJPEG
user she was watching :) If everyone sets their MJPEG quality extremely
low, then I don't doubt you can see three MJPEG windows at a time. If
it's set above 30% though, everything halts (at least for me anyway)

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