Help - off the subject
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 03:03:30 -0600

I have a data file that is 14 Mb, and I need to convert to a table - I
have MS Access, MS Excel, and MS word as a package called MS Office 97.

I also have a PC with 75 Mhz, Pentium, 16 Mb RAM, a 2.5 G HD, and
Windows95. I also have WP6.1, but that takes more Mb RAM than I have

My problem is that I can load the file into excel or into word and I get
the data in paragraph form, separated by ", but I need to convert that
data into a table so I can massage it. Sort it, edit it, and save it as
a data file for use to make mailing labels for a non-profit.

The format of the source file is [filename].dat. Program source is

Any help would be appreciated. Step-by-step please.

I really need to know should I try it in excel or word, which i can load
it in now, but i still can't get it in table format, which makes it a
sortable, editable document.

Thanks, your reward will be a gold star for non-profits can pay much.

Bill Hoge