Re: CORNELL CU-SeeMe doesn't support new Macs!?!?!

Alvena Hyde (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 19:42:31 -0500

I know that everyone has heard this before, but on Macs, the two FIRST
things to try are (1) turn OFF virtual memory, and (2) turn off RAM that order...some macs will run with ram doubler (not
8500's for sure), but I know of very few(if any) that run cu-seeme with
virtual memory on...

I think I have read that the built-in AV on 6500's is not recognized by
cu-seeme, but I do not know that this includes the 6400 series...I would
do the two above things FIRST and see if that might. If,
after doing the above two things, the program does work but freezes
quickly after startup, then I think you need to work on system settings
for transmission, reception, and compression....forget the audio until
you have picture and chat working...that will make it easier for you...

Alvena Hyde

Will Harris wrote:
> > I've just picked up CUSeeMe from Cornell and copied it for my son and his
> > family. And you're saying it won't work for my Performa 6400 or their
> > Performas?
> Well, for me the program works, but not the digitiser, hence I can receive but
> can't send any video. Some guys have said it should work if I play with the
> preferences and virtual memory, while others think that only nubus macs are
> supported. Official word from Cornell? I haven't heard any.
> > Is the White Pine version the only alternative?
> Well, it's the only other version of cuseeme right? It does work on my mac,
> though it doesn't work with the newest G3 macs.
> Hopefully someone "official" from cornell can comment on this...
> Cheers - Will