Re: Cu-Seeme vs Mbone tools

Nick Busigin (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 09:01:39 -0500 (EST)

I'm not interested in Win95/NT Mbone tools myself (others may be) as I
prefer to use UNIX (Linux) based s/w. I am still interested in a
comparison between Mbone and Cu-Seeme though. Reid, if you've used both
(I'm assuming you have since you are posting in the Cu-Seeme mailing
list), please post a comparison of them.

Best regards,

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Reid Fishler wrote:

> For those of you looking at mbone possibities, take a look at Icast, a
> product for Windows 95/NT that interfaces with Mbone. You can find them
> at I also am a sales agent for them, so if you have
> any interest, email me at :-)
> > Has anyone on this list used both Cu-Seeme and Mbone tools for video
> > conferencing? I'd be curious as to how they compare.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Nick

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