2.06 Refmarshal is now available, and has a few new features

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 21:46:46 -0600

Notes from the Refmarshal web page at

ITS HERE! Enhanced Ref Support!
The Enhanced Ref support is here finally. Thanks for being patient. Some
notes about Refmarshal when using Ehanced Refs:
1. There are no passwords for these refs. I therefore hide the reflector
command set from non-trusted users. This was not really necessary since the
reflector guards restricted commands, but I just added this for extra=

2. The TTY is visible, but you cannot type into it. This window is a telnet
style interface and Enhanced Reflectors use a binary packet monitor
interface. Typing would be futile as the ref won't understand you anyway,
and I'm not going to get into long protracted parsing techniques here.

3. Proxy support for the Enhanced Refs will come when Streak is finished
with it. Probably in the next version of Refmarshal it will be available.=20

Enhanced Mulit-Reflector Command Sets=20
Refmarshal will now detect what type of Reflector you are connected to and
select the proper command set. Commands sets are:
WP2.0. WP2.1. WP3.0, Cornell/Enhanced 1.06 and below, and Enhanced 1.07 and
The TTY window is up all the time now. The keyboard is only enabled as
White Pine - Valid Ref password and trusted user. Anytime the Proxy Server
is used.
Cornell - never.=20
TTY Fonts now selectable. (Just for you Jeeves :)) )=20

What Dale didn't mention on this page is my favorite feature! If you
double click on a nickname in the list, you get a separate GeekPC window in
which you can type one line after another. You can even have multiple
GeekPC windows open for multiple users! The nicest part of this is...what
YOU type shows up in your own chat window, so you can tell what you've
already "Geeked" and to whom. You don't have to check your GeekPC window
to see what the last thing was that you typed to someone.

Go download the new version.....and send Dale some money, ok? :)

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