Re: QSeeMe for Linux - QuickCam Recommendation ? (fwd)

Jason Williams (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 01:15:45 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Jacqueline Chados wrote:
> Capture cards are ok for cu-seeme typ apps, but they don't come close to
> the single image quality of the Compro. It doubles as a very decent
> 640x480 single frame camera. You have to pay some attention to the
> lighting for top image quality, but considering the camera price, it is a
> reasonable compromise.

So you use the Compro as a frame grabber..not as a capture device for
movies, etc. Considering CU-SeeMe can't use the frame grabber portion of
the Compo, it would seem the quality is moot for videoconferencing
applications. Great for people that want great quality still pics I

> The only capture device that comes close to the D-CAM single frame
> quality is the Snappy.

Snappy = frame grabber... last I heard it can't be used natively with
CU-SeeMe. CU needs a capture device. Though I have heard mention of a new
Snappy version that is compatible with videoconferencing.

> And as for processor load, I'm
> running a plain vanilla 485/33 and it isn't an issue. I don't get the
> highest possible frame rates, but I don't need those high rates either.

486 I take it.. My guess is with that system, you probably can't get much
benefit out of the color version of CU. It's true, parallel port cams
severely limit your frame rates...mainly because of processor load. But
that just means a maximum of 10fps or so as compared with 15-30fps of a
capture card...a moot point when dealing with CU..

But getting back to the topic...are there any Linux drivers for the Compro

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