Cheapo Color Cams and my ATI question again..

Brian K. Dowtin (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 11:44:49 -0500 (EST)

As for Cheapo color cams, if you're the risky, living dangerous
type - you can get the Old Color QuickCams - refurb'd - from PC
Mall (1800555MALL) for $99.

On my P-II 266 - I get about 10 fps, tiny window, full color from the QC.
The image quality is great for the most part.

On another note ... anyone have an ATI card capture .. (note: I've asked
this question before, and I must have missed all the responses, sorry).

I've got a PC w/built in ATI video capture, and with ALL other programs it
looks MARVELOUS - and captures full speed even at 600x400. I try to use it
with CU-SeeMe and I get -YUCK-

The video is soo grainy. I tred to use it with the Preview 2 of Cu3
yesterday and it consistently crashed it. (and my PC). But again, it looks
marvelous in all my other video apps/recorders.

There are modes PlanarYUV - which works and 2 others , MPEG Raw, and
PackedYUV (or something close to those, not at computer now)

So.. please respond if you had any better luck with an ATI setup.
Are there more 'modes' for the video, upgrades etc..

System info:
   P-II 266MHz
   32 MB ram
   ATI Rage Pro Chipset - built in MB w/Vid capture
   Cu-SeeMe 2.1.x (3.1 p2)
   Modem connection
   Old VHS camcorder


Thanks! 'Brian Dowtin ---->