Re: QSeeMe for Linux - QuickCam Recommendation ? (fwd)

Don Castella (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 22:43:26 -0600

I have both the Compro camera and a Winnov Videum (capture card) and The
Winnov MXC Camera (made by Phillips). The Videum has always produced
superior quality pictures, whether stills or video. The video frame rates
are over double the rates achieved with the Compro.

Your mileage may vary.

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Date: Thursday, December 04, 1997 12:31 AM
Subject: Re: QSeeMe for Linux - QuickCam Recommendation ? (fwd)

>On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Jason Williams wrote:
>> If you want color...why not go with a capture card :) Compro is just
>> another parallel port camera I believe (though I'm not sure..feel free to
>> correct me). With a decent Winnov Videum (camera included) you get great
>> color..without the processor load the parallel port cams are plagued
>> There are a few other cap card&cam combos out for around $130-$140 or so
>> believe.
>Capture cards are ok for cu-seeme typ apps, but they don't come close to
>the single image quality of the Compro. It doubles as a very decent
>640x480 single frame camera. You have to pay some attention to the
>lighting for top image quality, but considering the camera price, it is a
>reasonable compromise.
>The only capture device that comes close to the D-CAM single frame
>quality is the Snappy. Snappy is a great device if you are tied to
>standard NTSC video input, but a bit cumbersome compared to simply
>plugging in a parallel port camera. And as for processor load, I'm
>running a plain vanilla 485/33 and it isn't an issue. I don't get the
>highest possible frame rates, but I don't need those high rates either.