new users -How do I get started , please ?

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Fri, 5 Dec 1997 14:23:41 +0800

Hi I am a newbie to this list and to CU-SeeMe.

I have just recieved our first video cam at school and I am trying to
connect.The cam is working fine ,but when attempting to connect I get the
message Ip address or host . Now I can type in our address and it connects
to our network . But how do we talk to other schools. At home I have a
Compro and I use internet phone which auto loads channels like Mirc . How
is it done with CuSeeMe?Ours was installed by the computer technology
assistant and he still has all the literature that ccompanied it.

Catherine Curran
of the Curran Clan
Warnbro , West Australia

@ Warnbro Community High School

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From: greenies <>
Date: Thursday, December 04, 1997 10:01 PM

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Jason Williams wrote:

> If you want color...why not go with a capture card :) Compro is just
> another parallel port camera I believe (though I'm not sure..feel free to
> correct me). With a decent Winnov Videum (camera included) you get great
> color..without the processor load the parallel port cams are plagued
> There are a few other cap card&cam combos out for around $130-$140 or so
> believe.

Capture cards are ok for cu-seeme typ apps, but they don't come close to
the single image quality of the Compro. It doubles as a very decent
640x480 single frame camera. You have to pay some attention to the
lighting for top image quality, but considering the camera price, it is a
reasonable compromise.

The only capture device that comes close to the D-CAM single frame
quality is the Snappy. Snappy is a great device if you are tied to
standard NTSC video input, but a bit cumbersome compared to simply
plugging in a parallel port camera. And as for processor load, I'm
running a plain vanilla 485/33 and it isn't an issue. I don't get the
highest possible frame rates, but I don't need those high rates either.