Re: QSeeMe for Linux - QuickCam Recommendation ?

Rolf Hemmerling (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 07:47:02 +0100

Nick Busigin schrieb:
> When you say that cheapie color quickcams don't work very well, what
> exactly do you mean? Also, can you tell me a little more about the
> Compro? Are you using the Compro under Linux or another O.S.?
There is wide support for capture cards for LINUX. If You know an URL
about that topic, please tell me. Start looking here:

Or look on Your LINUX CDs in the XWINDOWS application section.

I saw the COMPRO Dcam in Spring 1997 on the Hannover Fair. German
Quickcam !gray!: 200 DM =3D $99
Compro: !color! 298.80 DM =3D $150
Quickcam !color!:450 DM =3D $225

In Germany, it is the "cheapest" digital cam for the parallel port.=20
Especially, it is the *only* cam which allows to use the parallel port
for printing (a switched-through parallel port is available at the back
of the unit). With bidirectional printers (e.g. newer HP Deskjet and
Laser printers), this might not work anyhow ! It might not work with
LINUX even in 10 years !

The CPU power "burden" of the COMPRO dcam is higher than for the
Quickcam color (which uses a secret compression algorithm) and much
higher than for the b/w Quickcam. So for 486-133 & P75 PCs, the b/w=20
Quickcam is the *right* choice.=20

If You learn about non-WINDOWS drivers for COMPRO, please tell me !!! As
far as I learned, there is **no** support by the LINUX community, but..
things may change. It took 3 years that LINUX supports my MUSTEC A4
flatbed scanner !=20

If You buy a digital cam or capture card, look deeply for WIN-NT drivers
!!! Most digital cams and older capture cards don=B4t offer drivers for
WIN-NT, WIN95 drivers don=B4t work generally with WIN-NT !!!!

If You need to write Your own cam applications, then Quickcam is the
right choice, the technical specifications for the gray cam are
available for registered developers (no register fee, no download fee,
just the need for a license signification).=20

All about Icams, especially a link for non-WINDOWS drivers for
the Quickcam, and for COMPRO Dcam:

All about CU-SEEME, Iphones, refs and so on:

> Jacqueline Chados schrieb:
> > Capture cards are ok for cu-seeme typ apps, but they don't come close=
> > the single image quality of the Compro. It doubles as a very decent
> > 640x480 single frame camera. You have to pay some attention to the
> > lighting for top image quality, but considering the camera price, it =
is a
> > reasonable compromise.
> >=20
> > The only capture device that comes close to the D-CAM single frame
> > quality is the Snappy. Snappy is a great device if you are tied to
> > standard NTSC video input, but a bit cumbersome compared to simply
> > plugging in a parallel port camera. And as for processor load, I'm
> > running a plain vanilla 485/33 and it isn't an issue. I don't get the
> > highest possible frame rates, but I don't need those high rates eithe=
Jacqueline, are You member of the COMPRO staff ?

If You need a digital color cam for photos, get another mobile digital
cam for 298.80 DM =3D $150 or more, or buy an A4 flatbed scanner for 200
DM =3D $100 or less ! If You don=B4t own a notebook, You can=B4t move the
digital cams for the parallel port: The cable is just 80 cm longs, so
You can=B4t even take a photo of Your car if You don=B4t move the whole
computer + monitor to Your garage !! lol !

So the great *photo* quality of a digital cam connected to the parallel
port is **not** important from my pov. Especially, the framerates are
*very* low. You can=B4t capture video movies with this technologie, in
opposite with a new PCI frame grabber card (which can be connected to a
video recorder, in opposite to a digital cam for the parallel port) !!
So if You even just want to capture screenshots from (private) videos,
You need a PCI capture card (all ISA cards work fine for picture
captureing but don=B4t work properly for *video* capturing even in fast
computers in opposite to what the manufactorers said, because of low
ISA-BUS video+audio transfer performance, as tests of the german
computer magazine C=B4t proved).=20

So buy a PCI capture card with additional audio equipment on board, else
the performance is too low for captureing videos !

But check out whether Your PC still has a ISA / PCI slot available !=20

Jason Williams schrieb:
> > The only capture device that comes close to the D-CAM single frame
> > quality is the Snappy.
> Snappy =3D frame grabber... last I heard it can't be used natively with
> CU-SeeMe. CU needs a capture device. Though I have heard mention of a =
> Snappy version that is compatible with videoconferencing.
Since longtime, there is a link for a video capture emulation driver
for Snappy on my Iphone homepage ! With CU-DOODLE, it *might* work with

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