problem with my quickcam

Cindy Trinidad (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 14:59:21 +0800

I'm using a Connectix Color Quickcam and have been using CU-SEEME for so
many months now. My problem is that all of a sudden, my Quickcam won't show
anything! At first I thought my cam is malfunctioning, but I installed it
on another computer and it works fine.

With the machine I'm using for the internet, when using the Quickmovie
program, the cam only shows images when I'm in the million colors mode and
high quality otherwise, my video is just either black or white. When using
CUSEEME, regardless of what setting I try, my video (even when I test the
connection) is just plain black - meaning, no one can see me - though I can
see everyone.

I am using Windows 95 OSR2, CUSEEME 3.1 preview, Quickcam driver 2.1 (the
upgraded version) . I have the same setting on my home computer and the
video works fine. It used to work fine for this machine too until last
week. I did not install any new program.

I already uninstalled my Quickcam driver from my computer's properties and
deleted the quickcam subdirectory and deleted some quickcam programs found
in my windows subdirectory. After which I reinstalled my quickcam drivers
and CUSEEME - I must have deleted and reinstalled around five times.

Please help. I think my last recourse would be to erase my hard disk and
reinstall windows over (and all my other programs!)

Thanks so much.

Cindy Trinidad