Re: Chat troubles

Cragin Shelton (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 11:49:28 -0500 (EST)

You stumbled into one of the problems of connecting a higher speed CU
connection with a dial up connection. Your high send rate, suitable for
ISDN, overwhelms the 28.8 hookup of your friend. When connecting to him, or
to any dialup CUser, you should set your SEND or Transmission limits to 5
min / 20 Max. Tell your friend to do the same. You can leave your receive
limits high, but dialup users should set their Max Receive to the
difference between connection rate and sand max. That is only a rule of
thumb... for your friend, he can get away with 5<20 for both send and
On a reflector, your frined should slow down Send even more (as should
you) to about 5<15.

>-Dave Banks said:
Hi folks,
> I tried out CUSeeMe this week with a friend who was
>connected over a 28.8 modem and could not seem to get
>the chat window working reliably. We'd get one line out
>each and then nothing would work after that unless we
>re-established the connection. I'm on a ISDN line