Re: QSeeMe for Linux - QuickCam Recommendation ?

Jason Williams (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 18:08:58 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:
> There is wide support for capture cards for LINUX. If You know an URL
> about that topic, please tell me. Start looking here:

I looked there for a little bit....searched for capture card...searched
for luck...perhaps you mean wide support for video cards.

> Or look on Your LINUX CDs in the XWINDOWS application section.

Sounds more like wide support for video cards....

> I saw the COMPRO Dcam in Spring 1997 on the Hannover Fair. German
> prices:
> Quickcam !gray!: 200 DM =3D $99
> Compro: !color! 298.80 DM =3D $150
> Quickcam !color!:450 DM =3D $225

Look for the Quickcam VC which just came out..should be around the same
price as the grayscale Quickcam

> If You learn about non-WINDOWS drivers for COMPRO, please tell me !!! As
> far as I learned, there is **no** support by the LINUX community

That's probably because there are very few applications which can use a
capture card in Linux. From what I understand, there isn't a standard API
for capture cards like in the Mac or Windows machines. Look at all the
Quickcam patches for various programs (NV, etc).

> If You buy a digital cam or capture card, look deeply for WIN-NT drivers
> !!! Most digital cams and older capture cards don=B4t offer drivers for
> WIN-NT, WIN95 drivers don=B4t work generally with WIN-NT !!!!

Most people don't use Windows this isn't a problem... :)

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