Re: Chat troubles

Chris Silverberg (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 10:48:10 -0500

At 2:42 AM -0500 on 12/5/97, Dave Banks wrote:

> I tried out CUSeeMe this week with a friend who was
> connected over a 28.8 modem and could not seem to get
> the chat window working reliably. We'd get one line out
> each and then nothing would work after that unless we
> re-established the connection.

The first thing to check is your Max Send and Max Recv rates. If they are
too high, chat messages are going to be much more likely to get lost.
Since one of the users is on a modem, i'd recommend trying the following
settings on both sides:

Send min: 5
Send max: 25
Recv min: 5
Recv max: 25

That will slow your video transmission down enough so that there should be
plenty of bandwidth for the chat protocol.

- Chris

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