Lost ability to transmit video

Thomas R Work (thomas@surf.com)
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 00:02:56 -0800

Have been using Cornell 0.92b2 on Win95 with Commectix b/w cam on my LPT2 for many months with no problems. Today I lost the ability to transmit video from Cornlee 0.92b2.

>From time to time I disconnect the cam so I can do Direct Cable Connect dial up with another local computer on LPT2. From time to time I switch LPT2 so I can reload my house controller and afterwards I have to refresh LPT2 with the Device Manager before the Connectix cam will work again. Starting after I used the Direct Cable Connect today and reconnected the cam I have been unable to send video from Cornell cu-seeme software.

When the main Cornell window comes up the "stop sending video button" on the tool bar is depressed. I do get local video fed back and get indications of frame rates but the video monitor window is black. On refs with no lurkers rules I get kicked. I have a Video tab on preferences dialog and everything looks ok there. I renamed cu-seeme.ini, restarted and the main window came up without the "stop sending" button depressed but as soom as I connected to a ref it depressed itself. I tried a fresh copy of 0.92b but got same symptoms. I have refreshed LPT2 from the Device Manager. I have warm booted. I have cold booted. I have done a complete power off reboot. The symptom is solid.

The Connectix Pict and Movie stuff works fine. I decided to crank up my copy of WhitePine 3.0 and to my surprise discovered that I can send video to refs from it!

The only possibly related change that I recall recently making to my system was to apply the Connectix updates to Version 2.1 but that was about a week ago. However, it may be that I have not re-booted for a week until today. I generally leave this system up continuously as it provides ISDN services and fax for the office. I had a lockup that required me to reboot it while I had the Direct Cable Connection in place.

I replaced the new quickcam.drv (01/15/97) that came with Connectix 2.1 with the old quickcam.drv (11/10/95) and tried again but there was no change in the symptoms. When I remove (rename) quickcam.drv I get no local video at all and no Video tab on preferences dialog from Cornell 0.92b so I know I am able to swap the versions successfully.

I must be overlooking something really stupid. Can someone help me out here?


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