Re: Type 11 Error with Macintosh V0.87b3

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 21:52:09 -0500

From: (Kenneth Abbott)
Subject: Type 11 Error with Macintosh V0.87b3

> I recently download this software but every time I try to run the software
> I wind up with an Type 11 error. I'm running the software on a Macintosh
> Performa 5300 with a 100MgHHZ PowerPC 603 chip, and an AV card. 32 MB of

the best way to get rid of a type 11 error is to upgrade to macos 7.6.x or
macos 8.x.

if this is not possible, try
(1) trashing ur cuseeme preferences and quicktime preferences. if that
fails, try
(2) update ur hard drive drivers (look on apples web site for any new
drivers). if that fails, try
(3) disable all fonts, extensions and control panels that r not necessary
to run cuseeme and restart the computer. if the problem does not occur when
u run cuseeme then trouble shoot ur extensions, control panels, and fonts.
1 or a combination of 1 or more of them may b the source of the problem. if
that fails, try
(4) perform a clean install of your current system software. then run cuseeme.

if this fails to solve the problem then u may have a hardware problem:
(1) disconnect all hardware devices attached to ur computer, including scsi
devices like external zip drives. if that fails, try
(2) ram added to ur computer by a non authorized apple technician such as
l2, dram, and vram.

> ram are on the machine. I also have a connectix greyscale quickcam
> installed. I recently added an external 33.6 modem.

im not sure of the specifics but i think type 11 errors were reclassified
to type 1 or type 2 errors in mac os 7.6.x or >. the advantage of this was
that u may still get errors when running the program but u will not have to
restart ur computer. in my experience i got rid of type 11 errors but type
10 errors popped up in their place. and type 10 errors require restarting.

hope this helps.

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>